In addition to strapping machines and strapping band, we also have strap shredders in our range. These machines have been specially developed to be able to process the remains of the strapping band quickly and efficiently. In this way, you are less bothered by the length of the strapping band remnants, so the waste bin fills up a lot less quickly.

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Easily recycle pieces of strapping band

When you remove the strapping band from your pallets or boxes, long pieces of the strapping band remain. Should you throw these strapping band remnants straight into the waste bin, they will take up a lot of space. To solve this problem, you can use our strap shredder. This machine cuts the strapping band remnants into pieces of 6 centimeters. The pieces of the strapping band are then collected in a garbage bag, which makes it easy to recycle.

Specifications strap shredder

The strap shredder of Steenks Service is very user-friendly. First of all, the machine is equipped with an undercarriage that has two swivel wheels and two fixed wheels, which makes it easy to move the machine. In addition, the bottom plate is removable, which enables you to place the strap shredder directly above a waste bin. The infeed speed of the strap shredder totals 30 meters per minute.

Strapping band for your strapping machine

In addition to strap shredders, you can also come to us to purchase new strapping band. At Steenks Service we have two different types of strapping band, namely PET strapping band and PP strapping band. PET strapping band, also called polyester strapping band, is durable and has low elasticity. PP strapping band, or polypropylene strapping band, on the other hand, is more flexible and elastic. You can order our strapping band quickly and easily via our webshop.

Buy strap shredder at Steenks Service

The strap shredders are always delivered to you ready for use. At delivery, we also take the time to explain how the machine works. This allows you to start using the machine right away. Do you have further questions about how our strap shredders work? Then please feel free to contact us without any obligation. Fill out our contact form on the website or call us at +31(0) 174 510 266.